Thursday, July 29, 2010

North & South

I have just finished reading North & South!!!
I'm really excited because now I can watch the movie!

North & South is written by Elizabeth Gaskell.

I found it hard to first get into the book at first, I thought it had a bit of a slow start to it and the way the words are put down it took a little while to understand things but after that it was really quite easy.
I really enjoyed reading it because it wasn't full lots of romance and stuff like that, I found there was a lot more to it. My favourite character was Margret. (Well she is the heroine so how could you not like her). I liked her because I thought she was a pretty tough person, brave as well and I thought she was easy to like.

I didn't like Mr Thornton nearly as much as Margret. I thought it was really silly of him to get so upset and in my opinion sookey when Margret refused him and when he heard she was seen with another man at the train station.

I think it's really sad how Mr and Mrs Hale both die. I kind of thought from the beginning that Mrs Hale would die but I never expected that Mr Hale would die. Mr Bell was very nice. I thought he was very good to Margret when Mr Hale died, but when Mr Bell died I thought to myself, 'What if everyone dies?' but thank goodness no one else died after Mr Bell.

Another character who I like was Bessie Higgins. I thought she was really nice. It was really sad that she died too. (While I was reading the book I couldn't believe how many people died). Bessie's father Mr Higgins was nice too.

All up I really enjoyed reading North & South, (even though it is a really sad book) but it was worth it.

At the moment I'm reading Jane Eyre and after that I plan to read Rangers Apprentice. I haven't read it before but I have heard so much about it that I thought I should read it.

(I'm so sorry if the number of times I said 'died' bothered you).


Fanny said...

Hi Grace!!
I just finished watching the movie, and it was awesome!! I haven't ever read the book...would you recommend it? I think was makes the movie so great is Richard Armitage (who played Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood) as Mr. Thornton.
I Hope you enjoy the movie!


igirl said...

I'm going to read the Ranger's Apprentice eventually too! And North and South sounds like a very interesting book.

Grace said...

@Fanny:Yes I would recommend it. I'n really looking forward to watching the movie!.


Vellvin said...

Yeah! Your going to read Rangers Apprentice! Yahooo! You will have to do a blog post on them once you've read the first book.

Theresa said...

I read N&S before watching it too! It's so much better that way, ay? I actually liked how so many people died [even though it was sad] because it meant that I really didn't know what was going to happen next. It made it much more exciting for me!
You'll love Jane Eyre!

Grace said...

I never thought of it that way.

Thanks Theresa!


Traxy said...

I did it the other way round - saw the miniseries before reading the book. :) Still, a very good one. Thornton is a lovely man. Not quite as lovely as Rochester but still. Good luck with Jane Eyre! It's a bit boring in parts (chapters 1-12 and 26-34 or something like that *cough*) and a bit long-winded but it's a great story! Hope you'll enjoy it! :)