Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Around The Corner

Christmas is just ten days away! I'm so excited, but to me the year has gone really quickly as it always seems to do, maybe its just me. Well Christmas preparations are underway here, Elise is making a big Christmas pudding, I'm planning to make some goodies, the Christmas tree is up, we've finished school for the year and well.... Christmas is in the air.

As most of you would know, us Australians are just beginning summer when Christmas comes. I see all the dreamy pictures of Christmas online and there's snow, a big Christmas tree by an open fire, lights everywhere and people having a merry time, something like above.

But, I have to be honest with you, this is much more like an Aussie Christmas....

I love this video, its a classic. I hope you liked it.
After Christmas, (New Year), my family and I are going to have a little holiday with our Grandparents who live on the coast. We are really looking forward to that.

Anyway, what are you plans for Christmas?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Zip a dee doo dah

I honestly don't know why I've titled this post like that, I guess its just a random name for a random post. Anyway, it is absolutely soaking wet here, it has been raining nonstop for about an hour now, cricket has been called off for the whole weekend and I'm in misery because of it. I get so upset when sport is washed out.

But there is one good thing, its my birthday this weekend!!

I'm really excited, I'm going to have a big chocolate cake with drinks and pizza and lots of yummy foods. I don't have clue on what I'm getting for my birthday, hopefully there will be some good stuff. We have some streamers and balloons and we're going to decorate our living room and have great time! Just a quick post today, I can't think of what else to say. I just wanted to post something new. I might be able to post about my birthday, hopefully I will.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Blogger Award

I was given this award by Vellvin. Thanks Vellvin.

Ok, according to the rules of the award, I must share seven things with you.... so here we go.

1. We have had about four thunder storms in two days here. Last night we had a real beauty of a storm with with a great show of lightning.

2. I played three games of cricket over the weekend, now my hamstrings are pretty sore.

3.My laptop is feeling really nice and warm on my lap at the moment. *ahhhhh*

4. It's my birthday in about two weeks.

5. I'm super excited about Christmas approaching.

6. There was just a two second black out here.

7. I'm immensely scared that the up coming week of cricket will be washed out due to rain.

Now, I must pas this award on to 5 other people.

Alice over at Me & My Sisters and Alice's Place. I love popping over to Alice's blog, she writes so well, has such a great sense of humour and a really nice blog.

Annie at Ocean Heart. Annie has a great blog, have been friends for a long time and I love to read her blog and read about her world.

Naomi at One Out Of 8. My twin sister, her blog is umm well....... its not that great and, I'm just teasing you Naomi. Naomi has great blog and is enjoying her recently discovered skill of taking photos.

Lauren over at Jilla. Lauren has been writing a big story about a horse called Jilla. It is really good. She writes really well and the story has been very enjoyable so far.

And last not least iGirl. iGirls blog is iDream, her blog is really nice, she write about all sorts of interesting things and is quite the writer too.

I wish I could pass this award on to more people, but I can't. So there you are girls, an award from me, to you.

Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Things That Has Happened Since I Last Posted

1.Naomi and I went to Sydney for cricket! It was the biggest, most fancy and official cricket weekend I've ever had.

2. I have started cricket here at home and I'm playing U/14's, U/12's again to make numbers, I might be playing for the U/14's rep side and are most likely to get a few games in 3rd grade. So there is a lot of cricket.

3. We had school holidays and painted our dining, lounge room and bought new lounges to go in the room.

4. I bought some new clothes.... if that counts. (I'm only up to question four and I'm already running out of ideas)

5.I finished Rangers Apprentice book #5 and #6 and I'm now reading book #7.

6. Fishing, fishing fishing and a bit more fishing.

7. Naomi bought a smashing new cricket bat.

8.During the holidays when we were painting, we brought three book shelves into our room, we have managed to get one out, but the other to are still here.
Isn't that cool!

9. I cleaned up my room

10. I received a new award on blogger.

(Will be back with more shortly)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

I've been awarded this award by Alice and Lauren. Thanks girls.

Now, I have to list seven random things about myself that you may not know.

1. I have asthma

2. I have a big chicken pox scare on my back

3. I always plait my hair before going to bed

4. I love playing the games Twister and Balderdash

5. When my hair gets wet, it goes all curly

6. I adore Huskies!

7. I don't have a clue on what I want to do when I grow up

Now, I have to tag 15 other bloggers.

Annie Ocean Heart

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India Grace Heaven In My Heart

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grand Final Winners!

Naomi & I Won Our Hockey....
Grand Final!!!!!

It's so exciting!!!!! It is the first hockey grand final we've won.

Friday, September 9, 2011


It's the weekend!! The weekend has got to be the best part of the week. I get to hang out with friends, play sport, watch sport and just relax. I don't have sport today. My hockey team won our semi final, so we are straight into the grand final which will be played next weekend. Its very exciting!! So with hockey finishing, the cricket season will start soon. Naomi, my brothers and I are signing up for cricket today.

At the moment I'm sitting on my bed, in my pajamas, my hairs a mess, my little sister is playing games on Naomi's laptop while I'm blogging away on my laptop. I haven't been blogging much lately, I should probably try harder. Since spring started (ten days ago), I have been for two swims with my siblings in our pool. It is very chilly, but it was a lot of fun. Any way, before I leave, here are a few photos.

Toodle Pip!